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Contact: wmanzo@yahoo.com
The publisher, Wayne E. Manzo, PhD met JFK Jr when he, the publisher Manzo, not the editor JFK Jr, was a homeless prisoner of NY back in 1995? Kennedy was given a copy of Manzo's 1992 Civil Rights Lawsuit and his newer Federal Civil Rights lawsuit with NASA, Bush, and Madonna as defendants. In fact, Mansue.com started in Manhattan as "America's Line: The Truth is Here" on Geocities.com a free website host owned by Yahoo.com. The address was Capitol Hill 5811? Maybe a movie with that title "Capitol Hill 5811"? Manzo, in a NASA-CIA drugged induced semi-coma started developing the site at the NYC Public Library and the Donnell Public Library Media Center across the street of MOMA( Musuem of Martian Art ).

Circulation at 5811 reached 35,000 before the Martian Klan or the "Golden Eye-SS-Mossad Race" shut down the magazine by blocking the URL. No traffic, no problem. Kennedy said he'd look into the case and two years later, 1997, he was killed when his single engine Piper Saratoga flown out of Fairfield NJ crashed on the way to Martha's Vineyard during instrument flight rule conditions. Enquring minds will note that the SciFi tv series called "Dark Skies", although lasting only one season, was about an alien race that was invading America, and the lead character sounds suspiciously like JFK Jr and the character name is "John Loengard". Dark Skies is what apparently downed the Piper Saratoga because Kennedy was not experienced at flying IFR. Dark Skies, a docu-drama disguised as a SciFi series only lasted one season spanning 1996 to 1997. Kennedy's Saratoga crashed into the sea on July 16, 1999. DS was developed by Bryce Zabel and Brent Friedman and maybe John F Kennedy, Jr? What Dark Skies calls "The Hive", Mansue.com refers to as "Martian Klan" or the "Golden Eye-SS-Real Mossad Race" of telepathic, mind controlling, psychopaths that are taking over or assimilating the United States into Martian Hive "AREAs". Two years later the Martian Klan attack America knocking down the World Trade Center towers 1,2, and 7 and destroying part of the Pentagon. The 2001 attack was a "Celebration of Terror", a fireworks display__big Brother Martian Klan or the Golden Eye-SS-Real Mossad race had completely taken over America. Welcome to Hell Nation where human Gentiles are hunted, enslaved, and exterminated.
Saturday August 3, 2013 at approximately 6 pm a new Dodge Avenger accelerates into a crowd at Venice's famed boardwalk turning the busy Venice boardwalk promenade into a scene from the 1975 Paul Bartel movie "Death Race 2000" where the object of the game is to kill people by running them over__with cars. This was no accident. The only fatality according to the Martian Super Jew Klan controlled media was an Italian bride who probably had sex the night before violating the Martian Klan rule that human Gentiles cannot have genital sex__a lethal sin in the Martian Klan LA hive. But, that is what makes these Martian Klan so much fun. Human Gentiles are being systematically exterminated because they do not understand the Martian Super Jew culture and their rules which often lead to fatalities when broken. The only Human Italian woman in the Santa Monica - Venice area and she get's Martian Klan whacked! Yeah, this was an accident. The Martian Klan race doesn't like Human Gentile Italians because Italians are a very sensual and emotional race__whereas the Martian Klan are robots of the mother ship_cold, distant, emotionless killers.

Another Martian Klan whack job occurred in Hollywood when little Lauren Freeman decided to party at the Roxy Theatre on Sunset on November 16, 2010. While leaving the theatre with a group of people a speeding Bentley driven by Girls-Gone-Wild Australian executive Ryan Bowman, who looks like a young Mel Gibson, slammed into the 21 year old so hard she flew 50 feet and died instantly. Bowman fled the scene but suspiciously no other injuries or fatalities had occurred. Did little Lauren Freeman have sex in the Roxy Theatre and was she sentenced to death by the Martian Klan Super Jew race? These are not accidents. These are predetermined, preplanned executions of human Gentiles!

This recent Italian sacrifice on the Venice boardwalk is also similar to the October 20, 2006 fatal car crash at the Santa Monica's famed Farmer's Market at the intersection of the SAMO promenade and Arizona Avenue. George Russel Weller, an octogenarian who should have traded his automobile for a stroller long ago__accelerates his car into a SAMO crowd killing 10 and injuring over 60. And, strangely, on exiting his vehicle he yells at the pedestrians for not getting out of his way. And, let us not forget the very bizarre incident where Lawyer to the pop singers like Madonna, Billy Joel, Bruce Sprinsteen, etc... Alan Grubman, found himself in trouble when his daugher, Lizzie Grubman, used her daddy's SUV as a weapon against 16 Long Islander pedestrians outside of the the Conscience Point Inn on July 7 of 2001. Why did Lizzie Grubman whose current net worth is 35 million, for no goods or services that we know of provided to society, intentionally try and kill people with daddy Grubman's SUV? We are told that Alan Grubman's little girl was drunk and told to move her daddy's SUV from in front of the nightclub__she complied by running over people outside the nightclub while calling them "White Trash" witch(?) is the code phrase for stupid Human Gentiles who refuse to throw out their friends and family for a buck.

Accidents? Bad judgement? Fits of Rage? What is connection between Venice, Santa Monica, Hollywood, and the Hamptons? Martian Klan Telepaths that eat human people. Venice and Santa Monica are Martian Klan strongholds where human Gentiles are not wanted and are killed if they decide to settle in these areas. The Hamptons, being near to the biggest Martian Klan Jew Hive city( New York ) is probably just like Venice and Santa Monica__Martian Klan and Hell for Human Gentiles who are often tortured, harassed, and if they cannot be used as breeders or enslaved, they are run over, given cancer, fatal diseases, or they are victims of freak fatal accidents. "Life is a mystery" is a huge understatement if you are a Human Gentile without a clue concerning the Martian Klan Super race that has taken over America. Also, since LA is a Martian Super Jew Klan "Area" and all the media and people are controlled robots__all news coming from LA County should be scrutinized as being as accruate as the source__the Super Jew Martian media.

And, as a special note, news journalist Michael Hastings died in a suspicious car crash in Hancock Park( near Hollywood ) on June 18, 2013 about 4 am. His Mercedes Benze C250 was speeding, crashed into a tree shearing the engine from it's mounts sending it flying about 100 feet. Hastings didn't fly 100 feet but was allegedly barbecued in the Benz but you can't really believe this stuff can you. If his body was roasted beyond recognition__maybe they called on Jerry Bruckheimer and CSI LA? Michael Hastings was born in M-alone, NY and was a graduate of NYU. He became a very controversial figure in the fake news media when he exposed US military policy in Afganistan. Also, Hastings was becoming a problem with the Obama administration and the NSA by his critics on the illegality of spying on American citizens. Yeah__like there ever was such a thing as American rights. Wake up! Hastings probably had sex with a tall blonde and was on his way home unfortunately he didn't know it was against Super Jew Martian Klan law to have sex with a tall blonde if she is Martian Klan__the penalty being death. But what if Obama and the NSA set him up with the tall blonde knowing that he would be killed if he had genital sex__but that's murder? No, that's LA! Also, the location of the car crash coincides with a high density of orthodox Jews and the EMS team Hatzolah beat the police to the accident scene__that makes sense since there are alot of Jews in Hancock Park and you wouldn't expect Emergency 911 or LAPD to get there first. Again, don't believe any news that comes out of the LA news media. You have to question everything. All bets are off when you are dealing with a super race that is a million years ahead of the Human Gentile race.
President Obama arrived in Santa Monica on Friday June 7 for a fundraiser with some big players of the "Golden Eye SS-Real Mossad", the Martian Agency that controls the entertainment and news industry in America. Obama was also scheduled to visit the Sunnylands estate in Rancho Mirage to meet with the President Xi Jinping of China. The Sunnylands estate is otherwise known as the Annenberg Sunnylands estate and it appears that the Annenbergs have alot of ties with Santa Monica. From the Annenberg Community Beach House to the Ocean Park Community Center for the Martian Klan homeless bums who are allowed to stay in Santa Monica as long as they harass, torture, and kill human Gentiles. The Annenbergs, a nice Polish family from Long Island. The Annenbergs probably had close ties with Adolf Hitler and the SS during the second cleansing of Gentiles from Planet Earth( WW 2 ). Santa Monica, Venice, LA, etc... is a huge Martian Klan Hive and hunting human Gentiles is always fun. The Sheryl Crow song "All I Want to Do" is about killing human Gentiles in Santa Monica. At the time of the shootings in Santa Monica Obama was at the first fund raiser with a few big "Martian Klan Mossad Jews" and this was no Mickeymouse fund raiser even though Bob Iger, president of the Mickey Mouse Company was there along with Peter Chernin and Saban from Saban Entertainment. Iger comes from Proctor and Gamble in Martian Klan Cincinnati, Saban is an Egyptian Jew( aren't they all Egyptians? ) who started making Saturday morning cartoons for the Martian Klan CIA and stole billions by selling his crap to Disney or something like that__look it up yourself__this stuff makes me wanna puke. Whatever they do turns to gold because they entertainment industry is fake and is used to launder trillions of dollars to Martian Klan Jews and their lapdogs. If you are taking over a country you must control the News Media and the Entertainment Industry, then the money, the banks, and all the jobs. Chernin was CEO at NewCorp and Fox, etc... Control the media and you control the world. He started his own Multi-Media company called TCG( The Chernin Group ) and is producing movies with Martian Klan hit man "Tom Cruise", Oblivion 2013, and Squeaky Fromme "Sandra I left Wayne in NYC Bullock" who just completed another Chernin flop called "The Heat 2013". But, it doesn't matter if these movies do well or not because the entertainment industry and the media is about laundering money and distributing money to Martian Klan Jews under the guise of marketable products. And, if you own and control all the media markets__ well, you get the message.

About the June 7th Santa Monica Shooter who killed 13 people. The online News stories say he was a mental patient, had family problems, and went to Santa Monica College on Pico Blvd. Also, he had 1300 rounds of ammunition which means that he was a re-animated hunter and not a shooter. If he was a real human shooter he would have popped 1300 Santa Monica Martias__melting the gun barrel before getting caught or gunned down himself. Actually, it is impossible for a human to retaliate against the Martian Klan because they control our minds and can put human people into trances. No, this was a re-animated corpse that was being used as a killing robot and it was open season on Human Gentiles. But, most of the human Gentiles were wiped out of LA so that is why the body count is so low. Okay, why does the Santa Monica shooter look like Sage Stallone, Sylvester son from his marriage to Sasha Czack. Why would Stallone marry that fake bitch is another question enquiring minds want to know. Sage Stallone died mysteriously in July of 2012 in LA. Forensics state heart failure but we all know Sage was murdered. Also, Stallone's sister Toni-Ann was also killed in LA in 2012. In fact, she was living in Santa Monica when she was whacked by the "Martian Klan". Forensics state that cancer was the killer but that is the MO of the Martian Klan__ heart failure and cancer. So, two Stallone's whacked in LA in one year? Maybe three Stallones killed in LA__did you see photos of Stallone's mother Jackie lately. Talk about the walking dead. All Jackie has to do is poison Sylvester and she'll live another 30 years. That's Martian Klan culture. Kill all the human relatives and get all their money and live a nice, happy, wealthy, long life. Forensics state heart failure, yeah right. Special note: another Italian American Gentile has been whacked this time it's James Gandolfini from Bergen County. Forensics say heart failure, yeah right. Death June 19, 2013! Madonna from the movie Desperately Seeking Susan: "See What I Can Do"? That Madonna movie was advertisement for killing human Gentile Italians using the Martian Klan Agency. Kill human Gentiles and it's a meal ticket in Hollywood. Kill human Gentiles with money and it's super stardom. American celebrities are actually hit men for the Martian Jewish Klan that controls America turning the USA into HELL!
George Carlin
You have no rights!
CIA Mind Control
Targeted Individuals
JV Conspiracy Theory
Human Gentiles?
VD Injections is Policy
Keep them isolated, scared, and stupid, and lonely and make them spend their hard earned money on MKR products. Disney should be destroyed along with the other major league MKR media empires and this includes the MKR empire of Howard Stern who likes eating his Gentile guests. The more people they eat(kill) the more money(billions) they get.
So, what is the solution? Are human Gentiles destined to be enslaved, used as breeders, and eventually exterminated by the Martian Klan Race? Is this evolution? Should we human Gentiles allow our race to be cleaned from the face of the planet by these evil alien invaders? No, it is the right of every human person on this planet to live a free life, to associate with other human people, to give birth to human children, and to raise them as human people who are aware and concerned about the Martian Klan Race, the evil race, that they are forced to live with. We human people must organize, educate, and promote human rights in America and also globally. The global family of human people must be organzied and educated about the evils of living and associating with the Martian Klan Race.

If there were any viewers, readers, of Mansue.com they would be questioning the where-abouts of the publisher, Wayne E. Manzo, PhD over the past year? Was he arrested and locked up as a political prisoner like the time he filed a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit in New Jersey back in 1992? Was he beamed up to the LA mother ship while sleeping on the Santa Monica beach while the sun was rising? Maybe he was attacked in Santa Monica by the MKR homeless who hate human Gentiles. No, the truth is even stranger then fiction. The Editor and Publisher, Wayne E. Manzo(PhD), travelled on a fantastic, and very dangerous, journey to the Martian Klan city of Seattle. Seattle, home of Boeing, Microsoft, and Amazon( A Manzo), and the very tame Canadian geese of Union Lake north of downtown. Seattle is very evil, very empty, and very Martian Klan!

A year, a 365 day journey from Santa Monica, to San Luis Obispo, to San Rafael, to Northern California, to Oregon, to Portland, then to Seattle only to find a very mean, evil, empty city. Months on the street in evil Seattle with no aerospace contacts, no media contacts, and no human contacts. The publisher, Manzo, was forced to abandon Seattle and return to Martian Klan Los Angeles where at least the weather is more hospitable. A year adventure with no money for transportation, no friends, and no hope. Living with the enemy and hiding on the streets at night and seeking transportation from city to city. What a story. Did Boeing save the censored Net publisher Wayne Manzo? He does have a PhD in Aerospace and Mechanical engineering and was employed at NASA? No, Boeing is Martian Klan and it would be against their race to employ a human Gentile. ESP CIA LY, a homeless aerospace engineer who was setup and thrown out by Martian Klan at the NASA Lewis Research Center. So, after approximately three months during the Summer months in Seattle it was time to head South. From Seattle, to Tacoma, to Olympia where he almost met Henry Rollins__back to Portland, to Salem, to Eugene, to Redding__ a lucky ride from Redding to Sacremento, and then miraculously, a train ticket from Sacremento to Los Angeles. A 365 day round trip. Wouldn't a round trip ticket to Seattle from LAX been much quicker? One plane crash is all it takes.

Publisher, Editor, and Alien Conspiracy Shock Jock, Wayne E. Manzo, PhD is currently publishing from Martian Klan Pasadena, CA home of the Martian Rose Parade and the Martian Rose Bowl. This city, North East of LA is very similar to Santa Monica__all Martian Klan. There is a public access TV studio in Pasadena, but like many access studios investigated in other cityes, the public access tv studio is Martian Klan and not open to a tv series about the Martian Klan and the MKR "Agenda". Stay tuned for many new "Contact US" U2B videos and, if possible, a TV series and radio show exposing the Martian Klan Race and the "Alien Agenda"__WEM(Pasadena 1-26-13)
Sean-Louise Obispo
Madonnaville, CA
NASA Bad Company
9-11 Conspiracy Fact!
Hell in Seattle & the
Martian North West
I don't like Icke, Reptilian
David Icke in SAMO
The Martian Klan or god race that has invaded America don't even use human language to communicate. Burn all the books and let's start with the knowledge that we human beings are living with a super race of telepathic, mind controlling, aliens! As a "switched at birth" human Gentile from Northern New Jersey who never ventured East of Leonia as a teenager and who left NJ for Northern Michigan without seeking the excitement of the island of Manhattan only fifteen minutes away___ended up sleeping behind the pillars at the entrance of the Museum of Natural History on Fifth Avenue and "Touching" Cleopatra's Needle in the middle of the night hoping for a change of luck__while wandering around the city of Manhattan in a Martian Klan induced semi-coma. And, it was in mid-town Manhattan where the Publisher met such celebrities as "Little JFK", Princess Diana Spencer, President James Carter, Henry Kissinger, and other celebrities all of which refused to intervened and stop the Martian Klan from enslaving and exiling the Publisher Wayne E. Manzo.

After many years of exile on the Martian Klan streets, studying, researching, and reporting on the super race of collective telepaths, the Publisher, Wayne E. Manzo, PhD has experienced censorship at all levels preventing him from making real contact with real human people. Los Angeles County home of America's entertainmen industry proved that it is also Martian Klan County and home of censorship, intellectual property theft, and other monopolistic dirty tricks that keeps Hollywood Martian Klan only. All domain name websites were hacked into and desroyed while Manzo was being kept a hostage of Evil Santa Monica. Even a YouTube alien conspiracy show called "Contact US" was not enough to break on through to the otherside of Hollywood because Hollywood is controlled and staffed by Martian Klan or god race beings only.

A move back to MadonnaVille or San Luis( Sean Louise ) Obispo during the holidays resulted in four new YouTube videos.
Madonna-Ramma in
SLO MadonnaVille
Howard Stern and Co
on 9-11-2001
Actor Charlie Sheen
Dead in SAMO?
Art Bell and Frantic
call-in guest.
Believe it, or Not! We human beings are being enslaved, controlled, and exterminated by a "Super Martian Race" of Telepathic "Scum-Bags" that blow up space shuttles and take down World Trade Centers as part of the NWO concealment of the evil empire and the Martian Klan invasion.

Uh Oh, it feels like my aorta is starting to tear and rupture into my esophogus like what happened to the writer and director of "Rent" and the Hollywood actor "John Ritter". I think there is a terminology for this: Aortic Dissection. Or, it feels like an abdominal artery just ruptured like what happened to "Rodney Dangerfield". Or, it feels like brain tumors are starting to form in my skull( Dying Young) , or I can feel the cancer growing in my liver and lungs( Steele Magnolia), etc... The Martian Klan kills using disease, freak accidents, and violent crime.

Welcome to reality and another name for reality is "HELL"!

Wayne E. Manzo, PhD, Human Rights Leader, TV Producer and Host
Satan Moni, CA(Santa Monica), CA June 11, 2011
So what's going on here? Brian Helgeland and Richard Donner make a movie that has imbedded messages about the attack on America by the "Martian Klan" and the destruction of the WTC complex in lower Manhattan. And, what about that guy in the opening credits that looks very much like Hollywood Conspiracy director "Oliver Stone". This stuff is really spooky but consistent with a race of telepathic scumbags that control all the media and our human reality.
Hey, did you know that Wayne Manzo, the Editor and Publisher of Mansue.com, met Hollywood Conspiracy Movie director "Oliver Stone" in NYC back in 1995 or 1996 around Christmas time and gave him a video of his TV Show "America's Line" and a copy of his Federal Civil Rights lawsuit CV 92 3553 PHP Newark( Manzo vs Bush and NASA, etal ) that exposes the NAZI Marian Klan Race and "The Agenda". One wonders if that material is going to be the basis for a future Oliver Stone conspiracy movie?

And, why was homeless engineer and MK "Jesus" able to get so close to Princess Diana and Henry Kissinger on December 11, 1995 and give them information about his Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit that exposes the NWO and Martian Klan slavery in America. And how come we don't find the Michael Jackson Papa-Nazi or fan base hovering about the Princess in NYC? Very interesting! And, what about when she was leaving the Carlyle hotel? Where was the media? Where are all her fans? Princess of the People? I'm sure having a public affair with a homeless engineer who was thrown out by the KLAN would have boosted her international publicity tremendously.

Wayne E. Manzo, PhD, Human Rights Leader, TV Producer and Host
Satan Moni, CA(Santa Monica), CA June 11, 2011
Sean-Louise Obispo
Madonnaville, CA
NASA Bad Company
9-11 Conspiracy Fact!
Hell in Seattle & the
Martian North West
I don't like Icke, Reptilian
David Icke in SAMO
Bruce Willis movies: "Mercury Rising" and "Die Hard with a Vengence".
NSA secret code and the biggest bank job in the world.
Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles__Billions of $$ Dollars of medium skyscrapers line the boulevard making it look like Manhattan.

Wilshire = Wils + Hire = Hire + Willis?

What if the attack on America was a cover-up or false flag for the alien invasion of America? Why is there so much evidence that predict the attack on the WTC on September 11, 2001? And, why did the little Real Estate Investment Trust from Saddle Brook, NJ turn down the WTC rental agreement with the Port Authority of NYNJ? And, then allow Larry S to take over the rental agreement? And what if Vernado from Saddle Brook NJ is actually Donald Trump? Trump owned alot of stock in Alexanders and this stock ended up with Steve Roth who then gained control of Vernado which is actually Alexanders, Inc? And, when little JFK's plane flew out of Fairfield, NJ and crashed in the ocean, what REIT from Northern NJ purchased the Kennedy's Merchant Mart in Chicago? Mercury Rising yet? And, when the president of the Chicago Sun Times died on the job__who bought the Sun Times property and built the tallest commercial and residential building in Chicago on the property? His last name rhymes with the word "dump" and obtain billions if free money from the German Bank for the Trump Chicago project.
Austin, Texas "Conspiracy" Radio and TV personality Alex Jones and Movie-TV Actor Charlie Sheen caught having dinner together at "Goose Feathers" a West Hollywood "Gay" restaurant and were later seen slipping into a limosine together hand in hand. To say that these two are in bed together on the "911 Conspiracy Theory" that the attack on America was a "False Flag Operation" is not far fetched.

Alex Jones started out as a Public Access TV host in Austin whose conspiracy show evidently became popular enough so that Jones could leave cable access TV and become an internet and radio personality but if truth be known, the only way to become successful in the American media is to exterminate Human Gentiles__then you become an overnight celebrity or star. So, how did Alex Jones get out of the slums of Austin Public Access TV? Maybe Mr. Bill Cooper can answer that question. Oh, he was shot to death after speaking on the Alex Jones Show? Never mind.

Actor Charlie Sheen went public on his views concerning the attack on America and the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings. Mr. Sheen publicly stated that he was not convinced that Iraq and Bin Laden were responsible for the attack and he requested that President Bush initiate a complete investigation on 911. But, isn't that like asking President Reagan to initiate a complete investigation on the Iran-Contra scandal?
Austin's Alex Jones talks with former Ohio Congressman James Traficant concerning Amerika. Jones is Martian Klan or a Zionist as evident by his very clever hand gesture when he mentions tyranny and corruption in America. Will the Mexicans take over America? Yup, but they are not Mexicans__they are Mexi-Klans. They are Irish Martian Klan and so are the Blacks and so are the Orientals, Germans, etc... They are one race, one mind, the New World Order.
Does Austin's Alex Jones know about Wayne Manzo and his Federal Civil Rights Complaints and his very interesting story that reveals the existence of a "Super Race" in America? Yes he does and he is a payed pawn of the "Super Race", the Martian Klan, or the Zionists or Super Nazis, etc... He will never "publicly" admit that publisher Wayne E. Manzo, PhD is censored on the Net nor will he admit to the existence of a Super Race in America.

Austin, Texas, Mouth of the South, "Alex Jones" or otherwise known as Martian KLAN Stooge and Martian Sheen's son Charlie Sheen who still can't figure out why the old man Marty change his name to Martian Sheen?
The Horror, The Horror!

One wonders if Mouth of South Jones figured out why the tabloid empire of Generoso Pope was NUKED shortly after the "Hit" on the WTC by the Martian Klan? On July 19, 1971, the National Enquirer moved its 57 employees and their families from Englewood Cliffs, N.J., to Lantana to be free of metropolitan New York Latana? Sounds like Boo CA Rat-ON!

Pope wisely moved his empire from NYC to across the Hudson to Englewood Cliffs, NJ and then to Florida but was not out of the reach of the KLAN. Pope's empire in Boca was hit with Anthrax sending a very clear message to Pope and his army. No front page stories about the attack on America staged by the CIA or other intelligence agency. The first American Media Inc employee to succumb to Anthrax was Robert Stevens, a photo editor for the Sun on October 2. 2001. Robert Stevens was brought to the JFK Medical Center, Palm Beach and was diagnosed as a possible Anthrax victim by, and this guy has CIA Klan written all over his face, Dr. Larry Bush. Dr.LARRY BUSH! Okay, still don't get the message. Here is an article re-published by the UCLA Department of Epidemiology, School of Public Health and is an article that orginally appeared in "The South Florida Sun Sentinel"( July 19, 2003 ). The article is titled "New owners preparing to decontaminate Boca building hit by anthrax in 2001" and the writers of the article, the persons who supposedly wrote the article for the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Kathy Bushouse and Neil Santaniello. Kathy Bush House? BUSH? If you can't figure out that the hit on America was by the "Martian Klan" and not by some middle east camel jockeys you might as well continue watching Offra and Martha Steward and forget about the 20year fake war cooked-up by the "Martian Klan" in order to control the oil in the middle east and, well, throw out the human middle class in America. Economic depression? Yeah, right.
Teaneck, NJ. The Phelp's Park area of Teaneck has some revelence to his Federal Civil Rights lawsuit against Martian Klan family members and NASA. Mayor Harold Washington was killed in office shortly after the Publisher, Wayne Manzo, received an employment offer from a Martian Klan Colonel at Martain Klan NASA-Lewis Research Center. Pioneer Paper is where Wayne Manzo's fake Klan father "Joe" worked as a printer. Believe it or not. Catherine was his older Klan daughter who looked more Irish then Italian. And, the Phelps Park region of Teaneck is where her Klan husband used to live with his parents. Believe it or not. So what does this all mean? Pay me $500,000 and give me a month to research it further and I'll tell you. This stuff is AREA-51 Alien Conspiracy and it is very dangerous and sensitive information.

In 1999 the Publisher, Wayne Manzo, ended up on the streets of Chicago (luckily JW Gacy was long dead) and found work on the Chicago Tribune delivery trucks while living in at a flea-bag flop house on South Clark Street near Van Buren and the Chicago Board of Trade. The Tribune delivery trucks were loaded with papers at the Chicago Tribune Plant at 777 W. Chicago Ave. The drivers at the "Chicago Tribune Freedom Center" were all Martian Klan and hate human workers. They'll only tolerate a human on the trucks because they like torturing them with alien technology. If JW Gacy is sick, the Tribune drivers are sicker and probably killed alot more "bad humans" then Gacy. If they like you they'll murder you, re-animate you, and connect your brain to the Martian Klan hive. And presto, you're a Martian Klan bee-hive worker. Or, they just torture you while working you as a Hebrew slave__then kill you.

One of the Tribune delivery routes was located in the Norwood and Norwood Park region of Chicago and the street name "Catalpa" was always connected to the Phelp's Park region of Teaneck when the Publisher, Wayne Manzo, was on that route. Of course, the sick Tribune drivers probably drove right past the JW Gacy house location giggling histerically to themselves. The Martian Klan considers human people as "rats", "pigs", "dogs" or vermin that are, based on Martian Klan Policy, enslaved, used as sex slaves, and then destroyed.

And, of course we must examine JW Gacy's Chicago political career that was cut short due to a bizarre sex scandal__and then later his involvement in the deaths of approximately 35 human teenagers thrown out of society. It appears that current President Obama's political adversaries in Chicago suffered the same fate as JW Gacy. They all were stopped due to bizarre sex scandals. And, Obama shot right to the top. The Martian Klan Agency in Chicago is very nasty. One minute you are a political candidate and the next you are indicted on murder charges and they find half the homeless population buried in your basement. Maybe JW Gacy found out the truth behind the Daley politcal machine and the Martian Klan?

The "Punk" band from Ohio called "Marilyn Manson" has a band member named "Madonna Wayne Gacy" and his nick-name is "Pogo". Is Madonna Martian Klan? Is the Pope Catholic? Maybe we should check under Madonna's house(s) for dead bodies of human Gentile teenagers thrown out of society by Madonna and the Martian Klan! Human Gentiles are considered worthless and are hunted, trapped, enslaved, and exterminated. The Super Jew or "Irish" Martian Klan is taking over all the businesses and the real estate in America. This is an alien race of telepaths that are collective and can injure and kill without physical contact to human Gentiles.
If you are not of the Martian "Irish-Jew" Klan race or "bow down" to the Super race you are on their "destroy and kill" list and will end up dead or homeless and if you can't access Mansue.com you will never have a clue as to why you cannot live and flourish in the Super Irish-Jew Kingdom called "America". John Wayne Gacy was cleaning the homeless Gentiles from the city of Chicago. Gacy ended up a celebrity in Martian Klan America and probably lives in the wealthy Chicago suburb of "Hoffman Estates". Killing human Gentiles is very lucrative in the eyes of the Martian Klan empire.

Cindy Crawford is another Super Jew Martian from Chicago that has became a media celebrity just like John Wayne Gacy. Since the media and entertainment industry is owned and controlled by the Super Irish-Jew Klan all celebrities are "Human Gentile Eaters" and that is their real job. No, different from John Wayne Gacy. The more people they enslave, destroy, and kill__the more celebrity stardom they achieve. Cindy Crawford or if we re-arrange the letters in Cindy we get D-I-C-N-Y and if we change the letter from a "c" to an "s" we get D-I-S-N-Y. The whole Disney company is centered around the story of Cindy-Rella and her wicked sisters__and a rat. The rat is symbolic of a Human Gentile that is aware of the Super Martian Klan race and it's technology. Interestingly, the name Denise can be re-arrange to form the word D-I-S-N-E-E"? Of course, if we re-arrange the first name of Bob Eiger we get B-O-B? Or, if we re-arrange the first name of Mike Eisner we get K-I-M-E but if we re-arrange his last name we get S-I-N-E-E-R? But, if we add a "D" and permute the S and I you get D-I-S-N-E-E----R?

What happened to her little brother Jeff Crawford? If little Jeff was born a human Gentile__Cindy-Rella ate him as a snack. Jeff Crawford died of cancer when he was very young and Cindy Crawford went on to become a Super Model and Hollywood Celebrity. Those huge ears are a tip-off that Cindy is a Super Jew and Human Gentile cleaner just like John Wayne Gacy__another American Icon. Cindy-Rella Crawfordopolus is the Global Disney Corporation. Cindy Crawford appeared on a "Muppets Tonight" episode where she put's the "Alien Love Bite" on a secruity guard Muppet( Fozzy Bear ) and she "Vaporizes a Muppet pig". Again, Human Gentiles are called pigs, dogs, and rats and are hated and despized by the Super Jew race. The developer of the "Muppets", Jim Henson, died suddenly after checking into a New York hospital with stomach discomfort. He died of sever infection shortly after that. Jim Henson was Super Jew Klan "Whacked" because he was exposing the Super Jew Klan race using his muppets. The Super Irish Jew Martians are mind controlling telepaths and control Human Gentiles like they are "Puppets" or "Muppets". Maybe, Cindy Crawford ate Jim Henson for exposing her evilness on the "Muppets Tonight" episode where she put the "Alien Love Bite" on a security guard and "Vaporized a Pig". Don't you feel that Disney magic? It appears as if Cindy-rella is the evil witch not her sisters. And, let us not forget the other Hollywood Crawford__"Joan Crawford" who starred in a movie with Bette Davis called "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane(Wayne)" where Joan Crawford in this 1962 movie looked suspiciously like Super Model Cindy Crawford of the 1990s__coincidence? Do you feel the Super Jew Disney magic yet? Whatever happened to Baby Wayne from Teaneck NJ? He earned a PhD and worked at the NASA Jewish Research Center and was setup and thrown out of America. And, he ended up on the streets of Chicago fortunately John Wayne Gacy had already been executed six years before___a few of those Chicago Tribune delivery truck drivers that homeless Manzo ended up working for looked alot like John Wayne Gacy. Whatever happened to baby Wayne?

NASA PhD Wayne E. Manzo, was later manipulated from the prison streets of Columbus OH, where he was tortured and almost killed along the same river banks where Col Bill Crawford was burned at the stake by very upset native American Indians in 1782, to Orlando FL and the Mousechwitz Cindy resorts where he slaved as a steward. He was tortured, harassed, and disrespected by Disney employees because he is a Human Gentile and not assimilated into the Super Irish telepathic Jew Klan! He was almost killed on a few occasions by the Disney staff who can stop your heart and burst an artery just by looking at you. The magic of Disney is nothing more then the Super Irish Jew Race that has invaded America turning it into Hell! Manzo the Publisher was tricked into working with a temporary employment agency owned by a known Super Jew mobster, Robert Cassera, who owns "American Work Force(Tri-State Staffing)" in Orlando__slaving the poor homeless for pennies as he rakes in the millions from fake Disney contracts and for killing Human Gentiles forced to slave Tri-State Staffing. Manzo the Publisher ended up in the emergency room at The Florida Hospital as a result of being attacked by Disney and American Work Force employees. He was almost killed the same way they murdered Jim Henson. The Super Jew Martians can cut up internal organs without physical contact. Are you starting to feel the Disney magic yet?

There is a "Military Base" on the Disney Resorts property__called "Shades of Green" where the killers for the rich Martian Irish Jews enjoy themselves. This is really sick indeed! It is truly a small world since our nukes can quickly vaporize you and your country in a matter of minutes. Why would Disney allow a Military resort on the property? It is outrageous! Of course, the clever Super Jew Martians don't need to drop nuclear bombs on Human Gentiles, instead, they open global resorts and parks, and exterminate the Human Gentile guests giving them cancer, AIDS, HIV, heart disease, etc... do you feel the magic yet? The Super Irish Jew Martian Klan is an evil telepathic, mind controlling, collective race of psychopathic killers. Lure the stupid humans to the parks and resorts and within five or ten years later__they are all wipeout_dead from disease. Some would call this systematic genocide of Human Gentiles others call it business as usual.
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